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true as fuck zodiac - prominent features
aries: so fucking stubborn. they will hold a grudge til the end of time
taurus: they are fucking nerds.
gemini: defo the random outbursts
cancer: rudeness. so fucking rude. god damn.
leo: they're about 4'9"
virgo: they don't want to talk to you at all
libra: weird ass laugh
scorpio: the fact that you can directly see hell in their eyes
sagittarius: fuckin strange ass humor
capricorn: creepy fucking smile
aquarius: kinda givin off a gay vibe
pisces: p conceited and that shit is not confidence as they may think it is


gordon ramsay’s confused face is the cutest thing on earth


look at him


hes like a little baby boy

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This is the correct face to make when being told you’re a heinous bitch.

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It’s like Hufflepuffs united

'Puff pride.

This is how my husband proposed.

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colourings of Kuroo → requested by anon

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I’m just trying to share a Coke with you Rin.

I don’t understand why you’re so upset.

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photos of dolphins and humans sharing some waves. like us, dolphins seem to take great pleasure in hitching a ride on a wave, which they will jump from just before it crashes into shore. the dolphins will then swim back into the open water to catch another wave, which they will ride back to shore at great speeds. the activity, it is believed, stems from coasting in their mothers’ slipstreams as young free riders. 

photos by (click pic) k.c. alfredshane smith, daniel munoz, john pauling, john dvorak, graham nixon and matt hutton

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R.I.P. Robin Williams (1951-2014)

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It’s an odd thing, that when a celebrity/public figure that you grew up watching dies, it’s like a small piece of your childhood is somehow suddenly gone. Even if you didn’t know the person personally or ever met them, it affects you. You think this person will be immortal, and in a way they will be through their work, but you just never think about something like that, especially when you’re a child. But when it does happen it’s just something so hard to wrap your head around.

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